My Pages Are Not Showing Up After I Upload Them, Why?

When you first log in to your site via FTP you will be connecting to your root directory.

If you do not see the /httpdocs directory in your file list after logging in then it means you have logged in as a web-user.  Web users do not have permissions to edit the main web content.  You must login as the administrative FTP user to do this.

So How Do I Upload To The Root Web Directory?
Make sure you are connected via FTP with the administrative FTP user. After successfully logging in you should see the following directories (there may be other directories as well):
/httpdocs or /public_html
/httpsdocs or /private_html

Go into the /httpdocs or /public_html directory and this is where you will see your root index.(html, htm, php) file.  This is the root area where you should upload your files and will be displayed at the URL of

If you can set your initial directory in your FTP client you can configure it to /httpdocs or /public_html which will accomplish the same as above.

The default page MUST be named one of the following.  FrontPage users can not use the standard Default.html.
index.shtml (Only use if SSI is Required)
index.php (Only use if SSH is Required)

If you do not wish to use the default page of index.html make sure to delete it as it will override and load all other index pages.

What FTP Program Should I Use?
We suggest using FileZilla or WS-FTP for uploading pages.  A lot of website editors have a built in FTP uploader and you should check your programs Help  to see if it does.

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