Updating the Intel gigabit ethernet driver (e1000)

If you have one our newer Intel Server plans you may need to update the e1000 driver if you install a new kernel.

Our update script should work for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora distributions. Some of the newer distribution might not have to be update because they have the e1000 driver included.

After installing the new kernel, but before restarting the server you build the new e1000 driver:

Build driver using our script

  1. Download the script "wget https://www.sitegenie.com/download/e1000update.sh"
  2. Make the script executable "chmod +x e1000update.sh"
  3. Execute the script "./e1000update.sh NEWKERNELVERSION" (replace NEWKERNELVERSION with the actual kernel
  4. version. If you are not sure what to put here, just run the script without the argument and it will give you possible kernel versions.)
  5. If you receive errors during the install you may want to try building it from the source.


Compiling it yourself

  1. Make sure you have the prerequisites (this is usually the compiler and the kernel headers)
  2. Download the driver source file "wget http://www.sitegenie.com/download/e1000-"
  3. Extract the file "tar -xzf e1000-" then go into the extracted directory "cd e1000-"
  4. Build and install the driver for the new kernel "make install BUILD_KERNEL=NEWKERNELVERSION" (replace NEWKERNELVERSION with the actual kernel version)


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