Why Am I Getting an Extensions are not Operational Error


*** FrontPage was EOL'd (end of life) in 2003 and is no longer supported on our servers. ***


*** Please use an alternative like FTP or sign up for our Weebly offering if you need a drag and drop website designer/builder. *** 

If FrontPage alerts you that the extensions are not operational, or if your site still publishes but the web pages that utilize the FrontPage extensions always come up as bad links, there could be 2 different possibilities.

  1. When you initially ordered the account you did not check the Install FrontPage Extensions, thus they were not installed.  Please send a note to our support staff requesting that we install FP Extensions.  Please make sure to include your domain name.
  2. This error can sometimes also be caused by corrupt FP Extensions.  Please contact our support staff and request a reinstall of the extensions.  Make sure you have a backup of all your data before you request this.  In some cases it may cause data loss.
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